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Is Technology Assisting You or Holding You Back From Following Through?

As small , solo business proprietors, technologies are the great tool that enables us to operate our companies with little overhead (at home to), to automate a lot of time-consuming tasks, and also to achieve lots of people within our market. However frequently see technology hold people back due to:

• anxiety when technology and understanding the skills they require

• anxiety when putting anything available on the internet unless of course they are convinced it’s perfect.

• failing to place safeguards in position in situation a significant technology problem occurs

Are you currently agonizing over every e-mail you signal for your list, every web site you place up, every tweet or social networking message you signal, trying to be certain it’s perfect? Or are you currently staying away from mastering we’ve got the technology you have to exponentially increase your earnings? Allow me to share how that may be stopping you moving forward.

I should also share the best way to safeguard yourself then when technology fails you, so that you can recover as quickly as possible.

Previously couple of days it appears we’d a technology hurricane whip through my company. First my company computer crashed suddenly because an interior part just used out. That left me without use of a lot of my company folders, documents and my Outlook database and emails. Since my computer was dead, I needed to rapidly purchase a replacement and run my company temporarily from my laptop. It had not been simple and easy , although I needed to re-create some documents, fortunately most of the key documents I desired immediately were found on my laptop too.

Most significantly, our data have been supported regularly onto an exterior hard disk, so when my computer expert got use of my new computer, he could load our data and emails so we re-installed our software. It was about as entertaining as going to the dental professional and required a while, however i did not lose anything valuable. Meanwhile I could access my daily email on my small laptop.

Shortly afterward, we experienced an array of problems-corrupted audios, issues with my e-mail program where links in e-mails we sent were in some way corrupted and an issue with my membership site going lower. All this needed my team and me to prevent what we should used to do and use the right support team to obtain the problem resolved.

Additionally, it resulted in a number of my coaching club people struggled being able to access the membership site for 2 days, along with a mass email I delivered to my list had links that did not work, despite the fact that we’d placed them properly. As frustrating because this was, people didn’t only understand, however they emailed us to tell us there is an issue immediately.

Obviously all of us attempt to make certain that everything works best for our clients, but may technology is not perfect and things break lower. Sometimes it’s human error-such as the occasions when we have accidentally placed the wrong link (which transpires with everybody). The key factor to keep in mind is you need to keep having your message available. Choose reasonable precision, not perfection. Don’t agonize over “dotting every I” and “crossing every t”. You don’t have to re-write and edit every e-mail message again and again.



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