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The Benefits and Challenges of the Family Owned Business

Family Business take into account over 80% of US companies, lead 50% in our Gross National Product and supply half our workforce. However no more than 10% of family companies reach the 3rd generation because of the unique challenges family companies encounter.

Beginning a Venture with the family…

There are specific benefits of beginning a household venture:

  • Initial costs and losses are often shared.
  • Later success benefits the household in general.
  • Enables the household to become together.
  • Family may trust one another greater than outsiders.

However, there are lots of challenges that can come up throughout a start-up venture that should be addressed:

Strategies for Spouses jointly running and beginning a company:

— Follow business rules romance is perfect for non-business hrs.

— Define each spouse’s role.

— Accentuate each other peoples talents.

— Keep personal and business existence separate- comprehend the natural conflicts of great interest.

— Set strong guidelines and understand you will not always agree.

— Define your expectations particularly and clearly.

— Put aside family time.

  • Involve youthful family people in the industry just for fun, short tasks and jobs.
  • Possess a system for recognizing and rewarding effort and accomplishments of family.
  • Understand clearly exactly what the business relationships of Family are.
  • Possess a solid Strategic Business Plan which clearly defines the organization structure, responsibilities, roles, proper direction and so on.
  • Clearly identify who’s charge entrepreneur.
  • Find out the weaknesses and strengths of every member of the family.
  • Understand each family person’s business experience and background.
  • Establish how much cash each family will lead.
  • Agree in advance how equity is going to be divided.
  • Honest and obvious communication between family.
  • Professional, business atmosphere and structure.
  • Where and how non-family is going to be integrated into the venture.



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