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A Beginners Help guide to Business Travel Cover

For business journeys, a company insurance policy is essential for individuals requiring some thing than standard cover although retaining the advantages of a typical travel insurance plan – cancellation, medical, luggage etc

Business holiday insurance will insure your laptop, cell phone, palm & various other business equipment & range from the hiring of substitute products. This includes the entertainment of economic documents lost, broken or stolen when traveling.

3 Key Benefits of Business Travel Cover

Corporate Holiday Insurance should add 3 key benefits of all the different benefits provided by a typical holiday insurance policy:

Business Equipment Cover

Hire Business Equipment Cover

Recreate Commercial Documents

That’s the insurer should purchase accidental loss, thievery or harm to equipment (Computer & accessories, other commercial related equipment and business documents).

The insurer also needs to pay out for that hiring of other business equipment in case of accidental loss, thievery or harm to business equipment, including misdirection or delay on the road of stated equipment.

In relation to work related documents, the insurer should spend the money for re-development of business documents, plans & presentations if they’re lost stolen or broken.

Question: What should i be a weight combined holiday & work trip? Will a company insurance plan cover me?

Answer: It ought to. If however you travel regularly all year round, you might be thinking about investing in a multi trip insurance policy.

Business Travel Cover versus Regular Travel Cover

Remember, with work related travel, plenty of wildcard scenario’s can happen.

Another company can cancel the meeting in the last second. This frequently leaves the travelling company to feet the balance, however this is included in standard trip cancellation.

Other occurrences can befall a company traveler: general illness, business critical equipment could be stolen, lost or broken. These 4 elements are points to consider when booking company business.



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