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Increasing your Instagram followers with Nitreo

Assuming you are on Instagram (everyone is), you would be familiar with issues such as not getting enough followers. If you are a content creator or an influencer or a business person, you also know how important it is to have a growing audience on Instagram. And we have found the perfect solution to all growth-related problems- Nitreo.

Nitreo is a growth service for Instagram in simple words. But there are many reasons why it stands out from similar services and the main reason is that its process is organic. This means that whatever followers you get on your Instagram page and account, it will all be real followers. And this is exactly what is required to make for an engaging community of Instagram followers for your brand or business.


This particular online Instagram growth service offers all its potential customers 2 plans that differ when it comes to pricing. This allows people to choose the plan that fits their budget and the type of page they have on the social media platform.

The Essential Plan is the cheaper of the two and costs $49 per month, which is $1.57 per day. This is the perfect package for creators on Instagram who want recognition from Instagram followers and want to make a mark on the platform. 

This plan will make sure that the service will work towards helping you get real and organic results quickly. You will be able to observe the increase within the first few days itself.

Now, the other plan is the Speed Plan, which will cost you $79 per month but the features that come along with it make it totally worth it. This plan is perfect for brands and businesses who are promoting their product or content through social media. This plan also promises a quick organic increase in your Instagram with real followers. 

Along with that, the plan also includes many targeting features that will be used to reach your target audience. This is greatly helpful in making sure that most of the audience that reaches your account are people who are interested in what you are offering. And this is also the best way to ensure that you have a community or audience that you can easily turn into customers.

Members who choose the Speed Plan will also get priority support from the service as well as faster results compared to Essential plan users. But of course, the choice is yours, depending on your requirements and the budget you are willing to use for the growth service.


Based on the prices alone, you would have noticed that Nitreo is a quite cost-effective affordable service. Even the expensive plan will cost you only $2.63 per day for their services. Nitreo also has a very easy, quick yet thorough sign up process to set up your account on the service. 

In short, if increasing your Instagram followers is what you need, then Nitreo is the perfect solution for you!



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