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Prominent times for fishing in Thailand

Sports and adventure activities are a part of people’s lives but very few of them provide the level of reconnecting and relaxation that fishing provides. It has been a much-loved sport for generations and still continues to provide refuge from the fast and hastened life of the urban world. Because of this fun combined with relaxation experience, people like to go on special fishing tours and travels around the world to countries like Thailand. They have a great and highly rich aquatic life in the waters that surround their landmasses and are also one of the best in terms of hospitality. Lake fishing Thailand is a popular activity and here are the best times to go for it.


This is the peak time in Thailand that witnesses some of the largest numbers of tourist arrivals. The time has a perfect weather condition with temperatures that range between twenty to thirty degrees centigrade making it neither very hot nor very cold. The month is also the peak time for fishing and getting into water sports for obvious weather reasons.


This is one of those times of the year that will be loved by people who do not enjoy being in midst of the crowd and sharing resources. The weather continues to be excellent with an abundant supply of fishes as well where people can have access to fishes like Tuna, Marlin, Dorado, and Sailfish.


This is the time for monster fishes to roll out. As the skies become clear and the weather becomes warmer and pleasant, it becomes one of the best places for having strong and exotic sunbaths and water sports. However, the real fun and crowd is around the interior lakes where Red-Tailed Cafish and the giant monster fishes known as Arapaima show up on the surface.



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