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Donate to Israel – Food Insecurity


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Want to donate to Israel? Have you ever heard of Latet, Israel’s largest charity organization? In English, “Latet” means “church.” What an appropriate term for an international organization whose purpose is to help, and provide financial support to the nation, on a scale large enough to feed Israel’s most vulnerable citizens year-round.

The charity was established in 1984 by American Jewish Rev. Haskel Yaffe. It was funded, largely, through private philanthropic donations. Today, its activities include serving as a center for networking and outreach, providing assistance to organizations in need, and conducting charitable projects in the area of Israel. Haskel served as the foundation’s president and chief executive officer.

Today, more than one million Jews donate to this foundation, which is run by the Jews of Israel. This donation is not tax-deductible in the US. When you donate to Israel, you donate to a Jew not to a nationality, as is often the case with other foundations.

The donations made by American Jews are sent through the US charitable network rather than through the Tel Aviv embassy. And when the money reaches the organization itself, it is used primarily for its programs in the field of health, education, development of the handicapped, and funding community-based organizations in Israel.

Don’t forget to donate to Israel when planning a holiday or special event. When you are buying gifts for family and friends, consider a gift from the Menachem Begin Foundation.

This foundation supports both the physical infrastructure of Israel and its social services. The Menachem Begin Foundation was founded by Menachem Begin, the leader of the Sternberg College. This foundation is located in Jerusalem. It supports the interests of the economically disadvantaged as well as the pioneers of the land.

Donate to Israel to support the cultural programs of the Tel Aviv University-ommel Institute of Music and Dance (TASMA). TASMA is a four-year professional training and post-graduate program for violin, viola, and cello.

The Tel Aviv University-ommel Institute of Music and Dance was established in 1963. When you donate to Israel, you are donating to a world-class university that provides quality training to violinists, cellists, and other instrument choppers from around the world.

Donate to Israel to feed and care for those in need through its Food for People program. The Tel Aviv Relief Fund was created to help feed and care for the people caught up in the recent food insecurity situation in Israel.

The program feeds thousands of families each month who do not have sufficient means to feed their families. When you donate to Israel, you donate to a program that gives hope to families in need. You also contribute to peace and security in the region.

There are many organizations and charitable organizations that accept donations to Israel. Most of them are connected with the government. When you donate to Israel, you donate to the government which grants most of its welfare programs. When you donate to organizations connected with the government, you donate to a system set up for the benefit of all its citizens.

Donated funds go directly to providing public goods such as medical aid, education, water, and electricity, social services, infrastructure, and housing to the citizens of Israel.

Don’t wait for natural disasters or calamities before you donate to Israel. With its rich culture and tradition of giving, Israel deserves your support more than any other country in the world. Every year, thousands of people in need are overlooked and forgotten.

If you want to help out people in Israel who are truly in need, donate to charity so you can help them find hope and food for a better tomorrow.




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