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Features Of Online Slots

Today’s online slots have become a darling to many as there are nearly as many bonus features as there are symbols in the game. With a variety of games online, it’s important to hunt out slots that have features you will enjoy because after all, you want to have fun and enjoy playing slot pg auto. However, this doesn’t mean that because the features are present, the slots are likely to pay out more. It is your choice to invest a little bit extra to access the exciting additions as some slots with bonuses can cost you extra coins when you play. Some features to look out for include:

  • Wilds

These are classic symbols found in thousands of modern online slots. They substitute other symbols on the reels to help form winning combinations. If you line up five on a payline, wilds have a big jackpot attached. To know how many wilds have been programmed on the reels in slots is very difficult, as the slots developers have closely-guarded this secret. Check out for the two types of wilds; standard and bonus, once you log in to modern online slots.

  • Free spins

This feature is the most popular in-game slot. They are triggered by landing three or more Scatter icons on the reels. Though the bonus feature varies, free spins are awarded a prize multiplier attached to each winning spin. Free spins promise the chance to bag the slot’s biggest jackpots, therefore, look for this feature and maximize your chance of becoming a jackpot winner!

  • Ways-to-win

The ways-to-win games or multi-way slots vary from the developers but they offer multiple paylines for a set stake per spin. There are lots of small wins on slots with many ways-to-win. However, the jackpots can come flooding in when you hit the big paylines. Some developers will offer even more than 1000 paylines, as a marketing tool.

  • Return to player percentage (RTP)

At the development stage, each slot is programmed to pay out certain jackpots. The jackpots can be pretty mean or generous compared to the number of bonus symbols on reels. Online slots are random but the numbers of symbols featured on each reel are not random. For high long-term RTPs, lower- variance slots provide a chance to win plenty of small wins. It’s hard to know how a developer has programmed each symbol into a slot, but you can test the frequency and variance with which big wins crop up if you give the slot a few thousand free-play spins.

  • Coins

These are individual bets that players make when playing online slots and with tips, you’ll be better positioned to make your bankroll go further. Judging the game you’re playing and handling your bankroll helps you choose the right coin bets and the right stakes.


Slot features make the slot machine games exciting and fun to play. Other features to look out for include; paylines, volatility, scatter pays, bonus games, cascading reels, split, and multiplier symbols.



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