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How does penis envy cubensis help in stabilizing the mental health of a person? 

Mental health is of great concern in today’s world as the life of an individual is full of tensions and problems to deal with. More than 80% of people around the world are facing the problem of depression, no matter if it is visible or not. Keeping oneself mentally sane is really important to survive in this world. It is not easy to deal with depression, anxiety, etc. Penis envy cubensis has proved in research that by consuming it, a person’s serotonin level upgrades. 

It is also known as the magic mushroom. It is called as a magic mushroom for a reason which is the medicinal properties that it contains. In a research, it was found out that it increases the happiness hormones in a person and makes him more hopeful towards life. It helps people in dealing with deep depression, anxiety, Post-traumatic disorder extra. 

Some problems that the magic mushroom stabilizers are explained below-

  • Depression- Many people are dealing with depression on a daily basis, and there is no antidepressant medicine present that is effective in stabilizing the person. The magic mushroom does not only help in stabilizing and uplifting the mood of a depressed person, but it also enables the psychiatrist or the counselor to help the depressed person to come out of depression. 
  • Anxiety –anxiety is another common mental issue that every other person deals with. It is usually the effect of a traumatic incident that makes the fear in a person rise to its peak levels. It makes the person anxious and restless, and he denies getting out of that state no matter what other people say. The magic mushroom contains a drug that stables the restlessness inside of a person’s mind and helps him to get back to his normal self.
  • Post-traumatic disorders- usually after a traumatic incident, people are left in an anxious and depressive state player. They often get aggressive, and sometimes they go quiet. They experience an extreme range of emotions that are uncontrollable. Mostly the patients of post Matic disorders are kept on sedatives In the asylums. The magic mushroom comes down the rage and rush inside of such person’s mind and helps to stable eyes his emotions. 
  • It helps to leave the addiction of cigarettes and nicotine- it was found out in a study that by giving a small dose of magic mushroom to a person, helps him to deal with his addiction to cigarettes or nicotine. In a research, it was said that with a single dose, the subject was showing less addictive traits towards cigarettes.


The uses of the magic mushroom are widespread, and it is a great substitute for antidepressants till one is actually discovered. It can change our life and our personality as a whole and help us to begin fresh after a traumatic stage in life. Nature gives us hope to live.



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