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Factors to consider determining how much money you require for online slot machine

Majority of  เกมสล็อตออนไลน์ได้เงินจริง players normally don’t pay attention to the actual amount of time that they spend on the reels every day. They just end up going by the way they feel or when their bankroll tends to run low.  On certain days, a gambler might play slots for several hours. While other times, they might only go spinning the reels for 15 minutes or even less.

Thus on average, one hour per day with slots online is good. But how can you be able to figure out how you can be able to last for several hours every day? The following are some of the factors that you need to consider when coming up with your plan for the bankroll.

Your stake on average

You might not know the actual average bet during a session for slots. That is true especially if you keep switching stakes frequently. But, you probably might have a great idea on your wager on average. An example is your stake which might range between $0.20 to about $1 per spin. In such a case, you might guess that your bet size on average could be around $0.60


Just like the stake sizes, the RTP- return to players tend to vary from one game to the next. Unless you play the same slot over and over again, it is hard to know the average pay back for each game that you play. Majority of the modern slots do have an RTP average of 96%. If you assume that you choose games which are released within the last few years, then you are going to play several slots which feature around the payback percentage.

When looking out for an average which is more accurate, you could as well check out for a payout percentage for the four slots that you played last. You can then go ahead averaging the figures and coming up with a figure for an RTP.

The play rate

The speed you are going to play will for online slots for real money tend to vary based on the type of game that you are playing and how many breaks that you will take during the sessions. If you assume that the game has a lot of animations as well as features, it might only be able to see you playing about 500 spins every hour.

In contrast, a slot which has animations which are few and bonuses might see you playing more than 600+ spins hourly. Majority of games nowadays have a lot of features which end up slowing the action. Of course, you can always be able to keep track on the number of spins that you can make in an hour. By tracking for several hours, you can come up with an average rate of play.


Your bankroll will be able to go a long way in determining the length you can play. With that in mind, you want to figure out the actual size of your bankroll.



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