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What Kind Of Home Health Care Coverages Can Be Taken From Medicare Plans?

Medicare plans can be confusing for you as you are taking them for the first time. But when you are taking their services, then it is essential for you to get some information. Can these Medicare plans help you to get home health care? In some criteria, you need to take proper bed rest, and when the doctor restricts you to travel also then, you need to take all the treatments at your home.

If you think it is highly expensive to bear all the costs. Then you need a Medicare plan that can grant you the amount and reduce your liability from it. But not all Medicare providers can provide you with home health care plans. So it would be best if you found out which are some of the insurers that can offer you those services and which criteria you have to follow.

Can you find Medicare for your home care health?

Medicare plans can offer you home health care services, but these are available only on a limited basis. The prescription and reports of doctors are necessary to get these home care services. You can take part A and B as they are the one that covers Medicare services related to home health care and can also think about Medigap Plans as they will offer you the services that are not included in part A and B.

The criteria one needs to follow to get the home Medicare services.


  • It would help if you were on a care plan that is referred by a doctor. This care plan should be uniquely provided to use, and regular reviews of the doctors should be shared with the insurers.
  • You should need some of the particular medical services or therapy like physical therapy, medication therapy, respiratory therapy, speech and language pathology services, or occupational therapy. Your prescription should certify that you need these types of therapies.
  • The hospital that is providing you with the home services should also be Medicare-certified because if they do not accept the services of Medicare. Then you need to know to change the provider or to pay the expenses from your pocket.
  • Your reports should mention that you need to be homebound, and you cannot leave the place you are. Or leaving the place can be dangerous or deleterious for the patient as it requires significant efforts of the person. Thus it would help if you acknowledged your insurer about your condition and prescription of the doctor.
  • The problems or issue should be mentioned that is restricting you to be at your home.

So these were some of the criteria you need to follow to get your home health care services through Medicare.

Taking home health care is not simple as you need to get through the complicated process of Medicare. You need to suffer from a long and confusing method. But you can take the services if you complete the above criteria. Thus home care is provided by Medicare parts A and B; also, you can include Medigap Plans sometimes. 



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