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What part we play in your funeral services and Vigil?

Stolen plaques to be restored at Kelowna cemetery – Lake Country Calendar

This day should be solemn and meaningful so gather close ones together who were friends or simply relatives of the dead person. This service can be held in any peaceful location you want – at home, in church, or even at a park. What is important is that people who participate will feel comfortable during this ceremony and express their feelings openly. 

The last thing you have to do before starting the funeral services for your loved one is holding a vigil which includes a candle-lit gathering (of course with only those close) when everyone gets together to share memories of the deceased.

The next morning, they can start another ceremony called burial or cremation, but it is not the end! It’s only the beginning of the mourning process in which relatives believe that they must keep taking care of their ancestor’s grave or ashes. This way, they are making sure they don’t get lost and will always be with them.

There are also many rituals which they have to follow, for example – it is not allowed to take flowers or any other decorative things near the grave of their beloved ones (there are some exceptions, obviously). That’s because they don’t want living beings around dead bodies so nothing should last forever. Honour the dead by installing Cemetery plaques.

Saying Goodbye

When thinking about a funeral, we usually associate it with something unpleasant, but there should be more bright sides than dark ones! Yes, saying goodbye to someone you love is never easy, but we must accept that death comes to all creatures on Earth sooner or later. So why can’t we be prepared for it and make this day as meaningful as possible? I have listed some rules of mourning that will help us to do so.

 It is no secret that saying goodbye to someone you love is the hardest thing globally, but many customs and traditions can make this procedure more pleasant. For example – embalming (you may wonder why anyone would want to keep body parts or even solid remains because it’s a natural process). 


The truth is that relatives like their loved ones to stay fresh and look perfect for a longer period of time! This tradition had its roots in Ancient Egypt when they used a fixer called “embalming fluid” 20000 years ago. They have found one of the oldest mummies in Egypt, and it is still in good condition! 

It was preserved thanks to an embalming fluid that contained alcohol, animal fat, herbs, and tree resins. Ever since then, people have been using this method to keep their dead relatives for a longer period of time so they could say goodbye properly.

Another important tradition (at least for Christians) is when they are buried together with the deceased’s favorite objects or things connected with some memories for them.

 For example – clay figures called “love dolls”- not only fetishes but also symbols that reflect close relationships between family members: parents and children, brothers or sisters, etc., especially if everyone wants to remember them as they were before their death.



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