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Sell Silver Bullion in Brisbane

Investing in precious metals is a wise move because some dealers will give you a buy-back option. It means that when you decide to sell, the dealer will provide an instant market rate for your items. And if you’re looking to sell silver bullion, now is a good time to do so because of the high demand. Even if the prices are rising, dealers will still want to buy. That’s because supplies will tighten, which means the possibility of the precious metal fetching an even higher premium. Irrespective of the spot price, a dealer still makes a profit by offering both buy-side and sell-side prices and thus profiting from the spread.

The good news is that when it’s time to sell silver bullion, many dealers provide a simple, discreet, and hassle-free buying service. And the process is made easier because you can choose how you want the transaction to be carried out. You can conduct the deal in store, through the telephone or by sending your items through post or courier that the dealer will pay insurance for the goods in transit. Also, the dealer will provide live, up-to-the-minute prices on their website.

You can sell silver bullion in the form of coins and bars. The dealer can also offer to buy any damaged or unwanted silver jewellery. Transparent and competitive prices are now being provided, and the excellent financial position of a dealer will allow any size of the transaction to happen, and you will get instant payment. If you have stored your investment with the dealer, you may just need to lock in your price and quantity through a dashboard account. You will then get a confirmation that your stored items have been removed from your storage, and you can quickly receive your payment.

If you’re in possession of the metal, you can take it to a showroom. Once there, the dealer will assess it using weight, metal testers, and even X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) scanning to calculate the offer price depending on the prevailing spot price. And if you’re content with the dealer’s offer, you will get an instant cash payment, cheque or bank transfer direct to your stipulated bank account. A door-to-door pickup is also available, and you merely need to call the dealer to discuss what you’re selling. Based on the description you provide, the dealer will offer an estimate. Once the dealer receives your items, you will get a confirmation of the price, and you can receive payment in the manner you determine.

You can also arrange to ship the items to the dealer. You can sell by courier service or registered post. After shipping the precious metal, call the dealer to describe the goods. When the dealer receives the items, you will receive a confirmation on what they have received. The dealer will then make you an offer, and if it’s acceptable to you, payment will proceed as agreed. As you can see, it’s easy to sell silver bullion, and the transaction usually is safe, secure and transparent while the prices are competitive.



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