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The Right Car Amplification with the Best Products

Most drivers want to have a high-quality audio system in the cab, but they don’t know how to properly address this problem. Many do not know why a car audio amplifier is needed, considering that there will be enough speakers and a radio recorder.

What is a car amplifier for?

The economical radios are built on standard amplifiers. They are an integrated chip that provides sound on four channels of 40 to 50 watts (as indicated by the manufacturer). But those 40-50 watts with a 10% nonlinear distortion factor are actually smaller. Therefore, the sound level will only be reduced by 10 to 20 watts and, when you touch the bottom, the power will drop even more.

A completely different image develops if you install a sound amplifier. The device can amplify the input signal to any desired level. At the same time, you can save on a radio recorder by purchasing a cheap model.

An amplifier is also required to set up a good sound in a car purchased from another owner. If the new car can be equipped with a subwoofer and the rest of the acoustics directly at the dealer, it will be necessary to tamper with the old car.

Types of amplifiers

Almost any single channel amplifier is suitable for a low powered subwoofer. For high-quality sound from the audio system, simply purchase a two-channel amplifier and connect it via a bridge circuit.

Two-channel amplifiers are used for a pair of speakers and to connect a subwoofer to a bridged connection. Such devices cost an order of magnitude cheaper than monoblocks and provide less energy.

Four-channel amplifiers are suitable for connecting 4 speakers. They are suitable for a subwoofer system and two speakers. These devices are widely used for in-car speaker systems.

Amplifiers with a built-in sound processor are isolated separately. In a system with a standard main unit, a complete signal component is usually missing. Therefore, to obtain a good clear sound, a sound processor is used, which automatically increases the cost of the device.

How to get

The main criterion by which the sound amplifier in the car is selected is the power. Separate the maximum power and the rated power. The numbers indicated by the manufacturer on the amplifier box or box are far from real. This is the maximum total power of all channels, which should not be taken into account.

Reliable nominal power is indicated on the packaging or in the instructions. This is the power at which the amplifier and speakers can operate for an hour without distortion to the music signal.

The power of the amplifier must correspond (or better than 10-15%) to the power of the acoustics. If you connect a weak amplifier, the speakers may burn out due to an incorrect and distorted signal.

You must pay attention to the resistance indicated in the speaker’s technical passport. These numbers must match the performance of the amplifier. The amplifier power can also be determined by the rating of the fuse. The higher the rating, the more power.



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