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What Are The Possible Downside Of Getting A Medicare Advantage Plan


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Getting a Medicare Advantage Plan is something that seniors must consider. But even how recommendable this is, there are still downside about getting it. True that the goal of a Medicare Plan is to give you peace of mind during the time you are sick, but just like to anything, there are things that you also have to look into and consider. 


The possible downside of getting it may not be too serious or something that would stop you from getting it, but needless to say, knowing them is also a good idea. 


What Are The Possible Drawback Of Getting A Medicare Advantage Plan


So, what are the possible drawbacks of getting a Medicare Advantage Plan? For others, they do not see any drawbacks as they know how helpful this can be to seniors. But going back, below are some of the things you need to know about getting one from the list of Medicare Advantage Plans available in the market. 


  • You are paying premium continuously


Whether you are using the plan or not, you are still obliged to pay the premium. Some see this as a waste of money or a complete loss if they were not able to use the plan for the entire year. Here are the things you have to look into and actually thank for:


  • Not being able to use it means you did not get sick for the entire year. This means you are completely healthy
  • What if you get sick? You will definitely regret your entire life not getting a plan
  • The peace of mind of having a plan can be the reason why you did not get sick the entire year


  • Limited doctors, facilities, hospitals, laboratories etc


If you have a plan, you have to visit a doctor that is part of the provider’s network to enjoy its benefits, same as with facilities, laboratories, hospitals and the like. Your options may be a bit tied up if you have a plan. 


To help you overcome this drawback, here are some of the things you must consider:


  • Find a provider that can offer a wide range of network. Make sure that you know their network first before signing a contract. If you are not happy or satisfied with their network, then you are free to move to a different provider
  • The network you may have is limited, but as long as you get better without spending a lot of dollars should be good enough to make you happy
  • The plan may not be enough


Some are too confident that because they have a Medicare Advantage Plan, they can spend all their money to something else. The coverage of the plan is not unlimited, you sometimes need to shell out money. Instead of splurging to luxurious things, save a little money. Yes, you are a senior and you deserve to live your life to the fullest, but needless to say, you also have to remember that you are a senior and for now on, your health is your greatest treasure. 



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