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Few Things to Know About ATV And UTV To Decide Which Will Be Right for You


If you want to buy an ATV or some other 4-wheeler, then it is necessary to understand them so that you can decide which option will be right for you. Often it can be quite confusing, as there are many choices available on the market.

Between different models, there can be many options, purposes. Also, you have to consider the pricing, and financing options, while shopping for an ATV. You also need to consider your lifestyle, to decide which options will be right for you.

Also, if you need to ship your ATV from a different city then you may need a suitable UTV / ATV transport company. You may choose to call the representative of Ship A Car, Inc. who can safely transport your vehicle and deliver it to your address.


Any newer riders, who want to buy ATV must understand well the difference between ATV and UTV. Generally, ATVs are smaller, and therefore they are better for tight spaces. On the other hand, UTVs are bigger, and often they seat 4 or more people. 

Also, they have a few additional safety benefits and extra storage capacity. Most families love UTVs for their campaigns. Both ATVs and UTVs are available in recreational and utility versions. 

If you are new to riding and want short adventures with your friends or are just required to haul a little amount of gear around your job site then go for an ATV. They are more affordable and also generally easier for beginners.   

ATV available for rentals and test rides

If you are looking for a real adventure, then you may also go renting an ATV for one day or for the weekend. There are a few great ATV parks available where ATVs are easily available for rent. You can also get hands-on experience of driving ATVs before you really plan to buy them. 

By renting a certain ATV and taking it for test rides on the trails, can offer you a real feel for this kind of vehicle. 

Types of ATV

ATVs may vary as per their engine size. Their engine sizes are measured in cubic centimeters, or “cc.” There are a few youth ATVs that are as small as just 70 ccs. There are a few hard-working utility ATVs that are sportier quads and range from 450 ccs to 1000 cc. Let us know a little more about these categories:

Sport ATV

These ATVs are for thrill-seekers, those who prefer to finish the day with various bugs splattered on their helmet. It has powerful engines, excellent handling, and long-travel suspension, and offers an exhilarating experience whether it is desert trails or deep mud.

Utility ATV

These are one of the most popular types of ATV. It features:

  • Big motors
  • Short travel suspensions
  • Loads of accessories geared for working or hunting. 

They are reliable workhorses in a few industries like agriculture. Often, they are used as a tool, but too fun to leave alone, hence they end up doubling as recreational vehicles. 




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