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Sell Your Basketball Cards and Build a Network of Collectors

As basketball fans, you’ve likely considered selling your Basketball Cards at a resale shop. You may even have a Facebook group to sell your cards to. As you search for a group on Facebook, you’ll find thousands of members interested in basketball cards. Many of these collectors share their passion for basketball cards, and the activity can turn into a social network. Using Facebook groups to sell cards can help you build a network of fellow basketball card fans who share your passion for basketball.

To buy Basketball Cards, first determine which brand you want. Panini Prizm is the ideal brand, but other brands are also acceptable. The former produces high-quality cards that collectors will value. The shiny finish and other qualities of Panini Prizm cards make them more valuable. They are also harder to counterfeit. Panini Prizm also deliberately produces fewer cards in each edition, whereas cheap brands produce many and quickly lose their value.

Panini has also launched an NBA card product called Prizm, which has fueled a basketball card culture. While Prizm 2012’s production was slightly lower than subsequent years, it has boosted the demand for these cards. As a result, people have started collecting second-year cards of players or cards from certain teams. In addition to basketball cards, these collectors are increasingly investing in patch cards and other related products. They can make huge profits on your investment in cards.

Topps’ 1957 test issue never went on sale to the general public. It was rumored to be a sneaky attempt to acquire a license from the NBA. Regardless of why, it is one of the most memorable RCs. Not only does it feature one of the three first-ballot Hall of Famers of all time, but it’s also considered a classic in the hobby. One thing to note about the card’s color scheme is that it’s very difficult to find a high-grade copy.

One of the most popular and collectible basketball cards is the 1961 Fleer rookie card of Oscar Robertson. Robertson went on to average a triple-double in 1962. The card’s serial number makes it easier for collectors to track him down. However, these cards are highly desirable because they are rare and in Gem Mint condition. A rarer example of a PSA 10 gem mint card of the legendary basketball player Oscar Robertson is worth almost six million dollars.

Another way to sell basketball cards is to sell them online. Several websites have been set up for this purpose, but there’s a growing trend of selling collectibles on eBay. eBay has a dedicated section for selling basketball cards, and you can narrow down your results by rarity, player history, or card manufacturer. This makes it a great option for beginners. Remember to research previous sales before selling your cards on eBay. You’ll be rewarded with a nice profit, and a satisfied customer!

You can also make your cards more valuable by investing in rookies. The first few years of a player’s career will determine how much they’ll sell for. The most valuable cards will likely be those of star players. They’ll generally command higher prices than cards of 15th men. 



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